Can you survive on doing sports?
We have been selling goods and producing competitions through many contracts based on various sports associations and original creativity since 1997.
It coming to be recognized as sport being a part of choice as an occupation in Japan.
We have been thinking how we build environment that they demonstrate their ability.
If a record becomes a step of every person’s further life, we will do our best to support them. 
 However it is only as business. What do we have to do a business basis?
Players perform attractive game with supreme their ability. It brings a box-office result. At the same time, it is the best stage expressing each one of levels.
The customer who gather there judges the result value which has spent the time for training more than anyone else.
We don’t want to go down in value and we don’t them to go down in value.
If a game is worth watching, that will be more valuable.
To improve the environment where valuable capability can be evaluate. That is what we want to do.
 It is not a volunteer work. They need to be on their own.
Although all isn’t directly connected to our business, we want to provision next step of life for them.
To build the infrastructure which can make your living by doing sports.
We think that it is our mission.
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